Stover Ventures was born after decades of cellulosic research led to a breakthrough discovery that extracts a high-value, specialty antioxidant from corn stover through a natural treatment process.  The technology used in production is low heat and low pressure resulting in a higher quality end product at a lower cost of production.  The facility will generate two main products: a highly effective antioxidant extract, and highly digestible cattle feed.

Stover Ventures has obtained ORAC and CAP-e tests showing top quartile antioxidant activity that is effective in human cells in the extract product.  The processed corn stover livestock feed is 71% more digestible than untreated corn stover as demonstrated by a University of Wisconsin-Madison dairy trial.  Engineering has been completed to a point where the feasibility of plant construction at an affordable cost has been shown.

The first production facility will be built in Osage, IA.  This facility will purchase up to 14,400 tons of corn stover from local farmers annually.

Equity and strategic partnerships to complete engineering, construct initial processing facility and market finished product.  Equity of $20-25 million is being offered to accredited investors, including individuals as well as strategic institutional investors, for the construction of the facility.  Stover Ventures has previously raised $1.5 million in seed funding to validate the process and market.  Contact us today to join in building a new industry in rural America.